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Result solution not saved

bonded core- AA8090>> Run 42
Simulation ran for half the displacement intended and then failed due to non convergence. However the solution results were not obtained.

I have come across the same problem in another project.
Static>>Run 12.
I stopped the simulation as it wasnt converging and i didnt want to waste core hours because it seemed like it would not converge even if i left it for longer. However none of the solution results were saved for the converged bits

In the above cases the face calculation is the result i am looking for.
This has happened like 2-3 times. How do i prevent this ?

Hi there, could you add some details regarding the project? For example, what are you trying to simulate, what are the boundary conditions, what you want to eventually check, etc. :smiley:

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In the bonded core AA8090 simulation I am trying to compress a sandwich composite structure. The bottom plate face is chosen to probe for reaction force. Have used area calculation> >sum for this in the result control. However the option to look at the Face Calculation after the simulation has completed is just not there. Top plate is given negative displacement to compress.

For the Static project ( second one) I am compressing a sandwich composite structure ( no contacts involved unlike the previous one) . Have used Area Calculation in result control for the Sum of reaction force at the bottom plate. Top plate is given negative displacement to compress. This is not present as an option after the simulation was done.

The result that im looking for is the face calculation of reaction forces at the bottom of both these structures ( both fixed at bottom )

Thank you :grinning: