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Hello everyone,
I’m was curious if anyone has any insight on what PDEs I should to know to start the “12 steps to Navier-Stokes.” This is probably a dumb idea, but I’m currently an undergrad and I want to learn this stuff, but I probably won’t be able to take a PDEs course for like 1-2 years. It’s looking like I have a pretty nothing summer lined up, so I figure, hey, why not try to learn something applicable that seems super rad, and also try to mend some of the gaps from a really meh ODEs experience. I’m probably being naive. I haven’t tried to learn a math course on my own, so I figure it’d probably be best to see if there are subjects I can isolate so I don’t sign up for too much, lose motivation and crash and burn or whatever. Anyways, sorry if this is kinda a dumb request, I’m a pretty dumb undergrad lost in a sea of cool stuff I don’t get, any response/suggestions welcome, thanks, sorry if this is a waste of time.

Oh, side note: it’s also maybe important to note that on my current track (physics) there’s no class devoted to cfd, it’d probably be an elective, so I kinda want to sus it out for that, and also maybe boost an application (slightly) for possible research opportunities…

Hey there!

Taking Lorena’s “course” is definitely not a bad idea. Also if you have access to Ferzigers “Computational Fluid Dynamics”, they also discuss convection, diffusion etc. with very good explanations.

I was planning to cover that soon and also implementing these systems into Python/Matlab. Also translating the one from Lorena into Matlab with additional slides for theoretical input.

No you are not. Reaching out to other people and putting yourself out there asking for advice is smart. Dumb would be if you do not ask :slight_smile: So no worries about appearing dumb. If you would know what questions I ask people you would be surprised :smiley: :wink:

As for a theoretical introduction to CFD, feel free to have a look at this video. You can also find the derivation of the Navier-Stokes Equations there as well as other equations. More theoretical & practical topics will follow.

Regarding tutorials, SimScale is the way to go. We will put out more updated and easy to follow tutorials in the future so that you have a good mix of theory and practical application. Hope that helps buddy!

Feel free to DM me if you need any additional advice.

All the best,


Thank you i got it,…