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Resistive Barrier, screen, perforated plate


We would like a resistive barrier in Simscale CFD. This would allow us to directly input the resistance coefficient for normal flow on an interior boundary or domain. It would be nice to be able to enter only the open area of the screen or perforated plate. The resistive barrier should allow only normal flow.


I think this could be furthered to include flow leaving the barrier at different angles to model vent’s etc.


1318980, thank you for reading the post and for the suggestion. I would get behind that functionality (vent angle) as well. In addition, for my team it would be optimal to also include a range of allowable departing flow angles.


And out of interest how do you see yourself defining the plate? assigning to face? The reason I ask is that sim scale is very much 3D I just wonder how we would incorporate internal 2D boundaries, as this could further extend to 2D walls etc? Maybe it would be better if we just improved the porous region and define it as a thing 3D plate? I reckon​ we could do all the above with that (albeit a bit more complicated than defining just the open area ratio?


I would agree. All screens, perforated plates, and vents have some thickness in reality anyway. Adding some physics to the porous region would be a good way to go.


Any progress on this one?


No progress that I know of.


Hi @mas985 & @ddb!

The issue is tracked and we are aware that users want to see it on our platform. We will let you know when the feature will be released for sure!