Residuals shoot up at restart

I was working on a port flow simulation problem and I observed that as soon as I restart my simulation from the last iteration of the previous run, the residual value shoots up and some weird thing happens in the convergence report :confused: . I am not able to find any reason for that so I am attaching an image for your reference.


Hi Anirudh!

What settings have you changed and why did you continue the run at the end? The residuals looked pretty smooth to me. Was the runtime to short in the first try?

P.S.: Nice project by the way!! Is it for the community contest? And from which engine is this model?



Hi @jousefm

I ran out of the maximum run time so I had to restart the simulation. Yes I am preparing this project for the community contest and thanks for taking a look at my project. This CAD model is of a single cylinder 1.6L 4stroke DI engine and you can get more information on this engine through this research paper-Engine specs



If you want I can run the whole sim for you and share your existing one with the run continuation with the engineers to see what happened? Let me know if you need any additional core hours.