Request for help with air flow simulation


I am trying to simulate air flow on wing, but for some reason the simulation behaves strange.

I am pretty sure, that this is not correct behaving of air flow, the presure should be different in different parts of picture and air should be turbulent.
(BTW: I know that the air should go from oposit side but this doesnt matter now).

Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

The simulation name is Oncompressible 2
(I hope I am posting right links, I haven’t found option to generate public link so I guesse that the project is unique by giving combination of username + project name)

Sorry, my mistake. This is proper behaviour of incompressable air…
Simscale works, preset physical condition doesnt :slight_smile:

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Hi @KeriganCZ!

Make sure that you increase the domain size (“the box”) otherwise you will definitely mess up your results. You can find some examples in our public project library. The PowerUsers and I are here if you need help! :+1:



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