Request Feature (update simulation instead starting a new run)

Hello Simscaler
I have an idea which could save time, money and memory.

During a simulation project i usually have to play around with the boundary conditions to get the results i aiming for. Everytime i change the conditions or other settings, even small one i have to name and start a new run and then delete the old one. Its a little tedious to say. When im in hurry i some times forget to delete the old runs…

What i suggest to have some kind of update simulation button which would rerun the existing run with the changed settings. This would eleminate the need for creating new runs and deleting the old ones. I guess simscale would also benefit of saving memory. People would rather update a existing simulation run instead of creating a new one and then forgetting to delete the old ones.

Something like below? Is anything in this direction maybe already planned? Regards David

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Hi @Roschi ,

Thanks for bringing this up! I hadn’t considered this before but definitely sounds like a good idea - it’s more dynamic for quick iterations/testing/troubleshooting.

I’ve pushed this to the Product team personally - please keep in mind that it is possible to provide feedback at all times through SimScale’s open roadmap portal.

Naturally, all suggestions are appreciated and taken into account when planning ahead for new features.


Hi Ricardo
I looked for the right place to bring this idea but i didnt find the open roadmap page :slight_smile:
Thank you
Regards David

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