Region0 can now be assigned as cell zone?


has any update on the SimScale platform been pushed that allows users to assign the region0 of their mesh as cell zone when it comes to simulating rotating zones? At least, when it comes to assigning a rotating reference frame to the entire domain.

Thanks in advance!

@pmparitakis, do you have a geometry to test on?


@1318980, my case was without a geometry. Iā€™m asking this question before I test the case with a geometry.

Thanks in advance.

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@1318980, I justed tested it with a mesh with an imported geometry and region0 was accepted as an MRF zone.

Hi @pmparitakis, yes I am just doing a quick test to ensure the boundary conditions are behaving properly. But seems at least the base mesh can be added now.


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Thanks for confirming it @1318980, I hope it stays as it is :slight_smile: