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Region Refinement

My project is :

I have used OpenFoam and SnappyHexMesh for fsae aerodynamic simulations and now I am trying to create the exact same simulations with SimScale.I was trying to create a Region refinement in SimScale but when I select the part of the car that I want to use as a refinement region an error occurs as shown in the following image:

The corresponding dict in SnappyHexMesh is the following:

// Region-wise refinement
// ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

// Specifies refinement level for cells in relation to a surface. One of
// three modes
// - distance. 'levels' specifies per distance to the surface the
//   wanted refinement level. The distances need to be specified in
//   descending order.
// - inside. 'levels' is only one entry and only the level is used. All
//   cells inside the surface get refined up to the level. The surface
//   needs to be closed for this to be possible.
// - outside. Same but cells outside.

        mode distance;
        levels ((0.10 5));

Thank you in advance for your time.

Hi @kkotsarinis and thanks for reaching out to us!

As stated in the error message you can only assign volumes to the refined regions. You usually assign some of the geometry primitives listed and you won’t run into any errors. Hope that helps a bit!