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Regarding Angle

Hi ,
I want to investigate the effect of the side wind on the flow pattern over a generic shape of a

building, the goal is to estimate the wind amplification factor on the front edges of the building.
my task is to perform 1 mesh operation and 3 simulations with side wind on 0°, 15°, and 30°
I have a small doubt regarding to change angle of attack,i couldn’t find the option to change the angle for my simulation
Can you please tell me how can in change the angle
Thanks in advance

Hi @gradhakrishnan!

You can upload the generic shape into your Workspace and vary the angle of attack by using trigonometric formulas (given below). Let’s say your angle of attack is 15° and the \vec{V} component 100 \frac{m}{s}:

\underline{\text{Values to type in for 15°}}

Hope that helps!



Thank you for your reply ,it helps me a lot
Still i have a doubt regarding that ,
my inlet velocity is 12 m/s so where i have to mention my inlet velocity in simscale
I thought in Boundary condition have to mention the inlet velocity but u told that angle has to mentioned
so a little confusion

Hi @gradhakrishnan, you have to calculate the velocity into its vector components and input into SimScale. Making the above calculation a manual prerequisite step. Using the free stream boundary condition allows you to define a boundary condition that alters with the angle of attack.

Kind regards,

Hope that solved the problem @gradhakrishnan!

For more information see the Documentation about Velocity Inlet BC

Thanks Darren! Did not think about that one at first.



Hi @gradhakrishnan,

any chance you could make the project public or does it contain proprietary data? I’d be very interested in contributing as I’m running similar simulation projects at the moment.


This is my link to the project ,I have done with simulation ,can you check once

Thank you so much for your reply
I am done with it

Thanks a lot

This is my link to the project ,I have done with simulation ,can you check once