Reducing Dynamic Analysis Time


I am trying to reduce my simulation time for a project, I understand the accuracy of results will be likely reduced but I am not too fussed as I have many similar simulations to run.

The run time seems excessive but am unsure if its due to my model setup or simulation setup


Hello btaylo201,

If i can see it right you are interested in the deformation of the construction due to the drop of the box.
To reduce the Simulation i first would try to reduce the number of parts in your simulation. First, try only the frame on which the wood boards are laying and then build up the simulation from there. If that doesn’t reduce the time enough ,then maybe the solution can be to only use the wood planks.

I just would start with a section like this. with fixed support on the edges of the type.

Best regards

Okay thanks Sebastian, I will try using smaller sections.

Do you think the simulation control could also be refined?