Reduce nodes and cells on mesh

Hello everybody. I ask you for a hand to reduce the number of nodes and cells on this mesh because when I go to simulate it stops immediately. I urgently need to fix this. if anyone know how to do it and can help me i would be very grateful. I am attaching the link to see my mesh:

Hello matyfalcone,

In order to reduce the cell count, please reduce the overall fitness of your mesh.
On a different node, it might be that to achieve accurate results this amount of cells might be needed since you have a lot of small pipes which need this kind of accuracy to be simulated properly.

Also can you please share the info you get when the simulation stops?

Best regards

hi I tried as you recommended lowering the overall fitness of your mesh but the number of the cell and nodes is still high.when I try to start the simulation it runs for an hour and then it freezes saying “exceeded runtime”.