Record button grey for Animation

I am trying to record an animation and I see a button in the ribbon section “Capture” for “Screenshot” and “Record”. Screenshot seems to work fine, but Record is grey and there is nothing in the documentation on why or how to use it.


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Hi Stephan,

The “Record” functionality for animations is one of the features that is most commonly requested by users, and, as a result, it will be implemented soon.

The post-processor UI has been updated earlier this week, and I believe my colleagues added an icon for the Record feature. I’ll check in with them tomorrow, to get a more accurate timeline for you. Sorry for the confusion!

On a side note, I currently use two tools for my animations:

  • ScreenToGif, which is completely free to use, and allows the creation of gifs
  • Snagit, which is a paid tool (quite powerful for screenshots and videos)

I’d definitely recommend ScreenToGif - it’s pretty easy to use.


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Quick follow up: the animation feature should be released very soon (no specific date set at this point though).