Recirc air mixing chamber setup


I am trying to find the temperature at which a room will be given the heat added to the system. My issue is I can’t seem to add the needed velocity inlets as they are within the model. I have thought about this for weeks and cant seem to figure it out.

The left room is the mixing chamber. The left most stub (1) will have a flow of 8000 CFM and temp of 0. I need to allow the top center stub (2) to have a flow of 12000 into the right room, and the bottom stub (3) to have a flow of 4000 CFM into the left mixing chamber. How would I add a velocity to those internal faces, or model it in a way that will accomplish the flow rate and heated air stub 2 will add to the mixing chamber?

Project URL: SimScale

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Hello jdonchenko,

Please have a look at this page on how to add a momentum source to set the velocity for a certain region.

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Hello SBlock,

Since posting this I did find the momentum source, however, I am now running into a different error. My solutions are failing saying “the maximum number of iterations exceeded…” I have refined my mesh, changed boundary conditions etc. and still can’t get a completed simulation. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Hello jdonchenko,
I hope my novice assistance helps. I see your second problem, you mentioned the ‘maximum number of iterations exceeded…’ I have struck this before & so I looked at your simulations.

Under ‘Simulation control’ the default setting on the 6th line labelled 'Maximum runtime = 10,000 ’ can be set to a maximum of 30,000 under the community plan which I expect you are on. The other setting that you may wish to consider increasing is the ‘End Time’ to greater than the default setting of 1,000. Be aware both these settings are possibly been ‘exceeded’ because the mesh you are using is possibly getting a little larger (more cells to solve), but that’s ok, just takes a little more time to solve.

You seemed to have solved the issue yourself from what I can see. Good luck.

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Hey Ted,

Thanks for the input! I will give those adjustments a try. I am able to run the simulation with the rooms separated just not combined.

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No worries & thanks for your response, hope things works out :slight_smile: