Reaction Torque

Dear Sir, I am analyzing a cantilever assembly with an eccentric load transmitted by other parts. I calculated the reaction torques along cantilever axis but the numerical value does not match the hand computed one (0.6 Nm Vs 3. 27Nm). Here is the link to my model:

I think that there is something wrong in the bonded contact between parts. Can you help me?


Hey there Steffano!

Your load produces two effects on the reaction and on the supported pipe: bending and twisting. If you figure out the directions, you will notice that:

  • The bending moment occurs around the Y axis, thus in the result is labeled as DRY (rotation around Y). It has a value of -2.06 Nm.
  • The twisting torque occurs around the X axis, and is presented in the results as DRX (rotation around X). It has a value of -0.62 Nm.

I can not measure exactly the distances from load application to support, please review your computations with the above considerations in mind, and let me know your results.