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Radiation with natural convection in a room

Hello, everyone. I have a question about my results. I’m analyzing how the temperature in my room varies when using a 100W and a 20W bulb and I’m putting more emphasis on heat transfer by radiation (like radiation source) from the bulb. I expected the temperature to be proportional to the watts delivered by the bulb but the results are not and I would like to know the reason for this. Thank you.

case 20W-629W/m2

case 100W-3144W/m2
in both cases use an isosurface of 300 K and it occurs not only in the body but also in the surrounding air temperature (inside the room), which decreases in spite of having more radiation energy.
this is the link of my project

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Sorry for the very late response!! @CFD-SQUAD, can you please have a look at his project and make some suggestions?

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