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Quick question, issue with geometry

Hi all,
Newbie here with a quick question. I’m trying a few things using the pipe model from tutorial 2. I’d like to simulate a flow through the pipe from a single velocity inlet, but also show the flow exit the pipe.

I’ve enclosed the model, set 5 out of 6 of the enclosure sides as non-slip walls, and set the last side as a pressure outlet with 0 gauge pressure. Afterwards, I selected all of the pipe geometries (except for the three pipe outlets), grouped them together as a topological entity, and also set them as walls.

I assigned one velocity inlet on one pipe opening for a flow of -50 m/s in the y direction. It hasn’t really worked out.

I’d be appreciative if someone could help guide me along

Thank you!

Hey @bismarkwong!

What you are trying to do here looks like an external fluid flow analysis whereas you want to perform an internal one. For that you need a watertight geometry which you already have in the tutorial so no enclosure is needed. Simply take the geometry as it is and apply all the boundary conditions (BCs) and follow the rest of the tutorial, this will give you the results you want to have :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask if you have any doubts.


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