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Question on Simulating Thermal Comfort In a Ventilated Office Space

I am a beginner using the community version.

My question is that: I cannot get a large temperature(color) change in particle trace, since I already set a significantly large heat flux on some equipment. I wonder if the problem is my very coarse mesh or wrong boundary conditions, or wrong end time maybe?

I am taking reference from here

And I built my own model on AutoCAD too.

Thx for your time reading it.

Hey @tkwong!

I found a project that is similar in setup: - as you can see the mesh is already a good starting point to optimize your simulation. As for the BCs, you can have a look at the heat sources and how these differ quantitatively.

Hope that helps!


I went to post-processing/particle trace1/change map scalar to temp(node), and all streamline turn red, which means they are at the same temperature?