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Question about SimScale possibilities

Greetings everyone,

I was recently asked about SimScale possibilities and since I’m still new to the platform; I would be grateful if anyone could answer the next question:

“Can the SimScale architecture accommodate (both turbulent and inertial) flow studies related to air traffic? What I am wondering is whether there is any F1 specific element in that software that needs to be adhered to.”

Thanks in forward.

Mislav Bošnjak

Hi Mislav,

maybe @afischer or @Ali_Arafat can jump in here and give you some information.

Have a nice weekend!


Hi @mislavbosnjak,

SimScale is a general purpose simulation environment - so while it can be applied to F1 aerodynamics it’s not being built only for F1 aero. Could you elaborate on “Air Traffic” - then I might be able to give a more crisp answer to the question.



Greetings @dheiny ,

Thank You for the answer. I think that would be enough for now. After telling Your answer to the person that asked me I believe he understood what he was asking.
If there will be any more questions regarding SimScale capabilities I will ask You.

Mislav Bošnjak