Queries regarding SimScale

I have following queries for the Simscale. Can somebody throw light on below queries?

  1. How to define our user’s own material for simulation?
    2 . How to define our own fluid having properties varying with temperature?
  2. What is the meaning of imprinting? Is it necessary to use imprinting while solving CHT problems?
  3. How to check imbalance in the computational domain?
  4. How to stop the simulation and restart again from that point?
  5. Is it possible to import mesh from any other third party software or export the mesh from Simscale to any other third party solver?
  6. How to determine volume average temperature of particular solid part?

Hi @sachinparamane and sorry for the delayed response!

  1. Select a material and adapt it according to your needs
    1.1 Temperature dependency: Thermal Fluid Models

  2. Imprint article

  3. What do you mean with that? Mesh problems?

  4. You can simply stop the simulation and then pick it up from any point (Limitations: Only steady-state OpenFOAM ones)

  5. This is not possible. For SimScale you can run 1 step in the simulation and interrupt the sim just to get the files you need but expect that to be phased out very soon

  6. Good question! Is on the roadmap but specific release date yet.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Jousef. Clarified queries and are in order.


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Dear Jousef,
Temperature dependency is not available for Conjugate Heat Transfer simulations.
I dont see the adding material in the subtree of Material.

Is there any other way to define the own material with temperature dependent properties?