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Hello All,

I recently enrolled in the drone workshop and learned how to use result control to find the lift force for drone. I am wondering if I could use the result control to find out the drag force acting on the drone body? If so, how should I enter the parameter blanks shown in the picture? Since the boundary conditions setup aim at studying the characters for a hovering drone in this workshop, the drag force should be zero in theory, but I still want to use the result control to justify my thought. Appreciate the time for everyone who could help me !


Hey @tonyli19970130

Choosing the centre of rotation does not affect the drag force result. Thus, you can keep the setup as default. The centre of rotation is important to calculate the moment relative to the analysis point (as centre of mass, for example). If you need to determine the moments you can estimate the centre of mass coordinates using CAD software.

Write control is the parameter that will be used as a reference for the result control graph. You can use Timestep and setup Write interval as 1 s.

PS: Be sure to select all body faces for the analysis.

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Appreciate man, I am wondering whether the “pressure force y” in the result force plot represents the sum of force (lift-drag) along y direction or just the lift force along y direction if I select all the body faces for the analysis? Thanks.