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Proper simulation setup for Static project

Hello Everyone,

I’m working on a very basic static simulation for a custom jewelry holder design.

In the last two runs (Static_displaced and Statidi) I wanted to setup a simulation where I give 8.5 mm in the -x direction. Then I want to check the stresses and displacements.

The first one is non-linear but I couldn’t make it work. The linear setup didn’t work either.

What can be the problem? Why can’t I use scalar when defining remote displacement? I get error message.

Please have a look on it then share your thoughts. I appreciate your help!

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi, Jani,

I’m absolutely not an expert in FEA, however, nobody has replied so I thought I’d take a look. Have you tried this as a dynamic problem? the fact you want to displace something with respect to time, to me sounds like this cant be modelled as static?

Kind regards,

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Hi Darren,

thanks for having a look on the topic!
Well my thought was that if you apply the displacement slow enough and keep it there then it can be assumed to be static just like when you apply force.

The strange thing for me is that you need to define the displacement as a function of time. If you type in a scalar you get the warning message.

Anyway, via trails and errors I start to get results. :smiley:


Hi @jhorv_th,
I would have a few comments, but first I would like to understand your case a little better.
Are you sure you need a remote displacement? Wouldn’t be a simple “fixed value” constraint be sufficient?

Regarding the message, it is not an error message, just a warning:

The constraint can still be saved and you may run the analysis without any issues, but generally
in a nonlinear static analysis your load should usually be ramped in order for the nonlinear solver to be able to efficiently solve your problem by splitting it into multiple “less nonlinear” sub-steps. If you only have a scalar load value, at each time step the same equation is solved, so there is no point in running multiple time steps (which is usually done to gradually solve the nonlinearity as it otherwise would not be possible to be solved “in one step”).

You are right that the warning message content could be improved - I’ll take care of this one.



Hi Richard,

thanks for your reply! Indeed, fixed value was the thing I was looking for!

The explanation about the ramping was useful too!

Thanks again!


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