Project composed of sheets and not solids

Hi I designed this car in fusion 360 and then imported it into Simscale to do aerodynamics testing and find the drag coefficient. However when I import the file into the software it comes up as sheets and not solids. This means that I cannot simulate the model. Could someone please tell me why this is happening and how I can resolve. P.S I tried importing the file in different formats but the results were the same.

Here is the link of the project:

Screenshot of the error:

Hi there! I see your model is an ACIS file. Can you also export is as STEP and Parasolid, and import?

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Hi. Thanks for the help, the file worked as an STL. However when I go to mesh, it shows a meshing error. I feel the model is wrong in someway as the meshing error and the sheets were in the exact same location. Could you please check the model and tell me how I could resolve the meshing issue.

Link of Project:

Picture of the error:

STL is only suitable for LBM and PWC simulations. I suggest you try STEP or Parasolid. They work the best for incompressible analysis.

I tried STEP but the encountered the same problem and fusion does not support Parasolid format

Have a look here:

This should work :slight_smile: You can simply download the geometry and use it.

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Thanks a lot for the help, but is it possible that you could share it as an STL or STEP file as fusion does not support X_T. Once again thanks a lot

Not sure what the workaround would be here. Maybe you can try to use OnShape to transform your file formats? If someone else has an idea, feel free to share.