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Problems with Post-Processor

Hi guys,

the last days I had some problems while using the Post_Processor. Often it din´t even start, when it started it often crashed, or simply din´t load anything…
My internet connection is good and the computers I´m working with arn´t that bad either.

What can I do to make the Post-Processor work better, more reliable?

I can´t do post processing for the Formula Student CFD Webinar, and some other projetcs …

Every tip or help is appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi @dwagner,

sorry to hear that you experience some problems. Maybe this thread can help you: Post Processor

If you still encounter problems do not hesitate to inform us.



Adding @bdaqui to this thread. Any ideas?

Hi @dwagner, thank you for your message and your feedback.

This workshop has proven to be very popular, and as such we have set aside a special infrastructure for participants. During peak times it may however still occur that the post-processor becomes temporarily unreachable for a number of users. This condition will usually recover after some time.

Please be aware that due to the same reasons, during high demand periods, loading of data may take longer than usual.

Regarding the crashes you mentioned, did that happen right-away after a session or some time after and what operation was being performed at the time?

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Hi! The post processor is constantly not working . I cant intract with the solution fields tab . it says the website is under maintenance

Yes, I can corroborate that there was a reachability issue at that time. The situation should be improved now.

The loading of solution fields is taking very long time, I have completed everything except it and did not submit the homework because of that. What should i do now?