Problems with import from OnShape



I am a PERRINN official member. I have a problem with our F1 car geometry. After importing it from OnShape there are holes in it. Two solids are imported as shells. Due to this a mesh is growing inside the car.

Did you have problems like this? Do you know what can be causing them?

'PERRINN F1 2017 V2' simulation project by akosior

@akosior, hmm not sure I can pinpoint a direct cause here - but again would you be able to share the public link to both your Onshape model and your SimScale project so we can have a closer look into this?


Here they are:



Hi @akosior,

great - thanks again for reporting! It’s filed and we’ll get back to you asap.




@akosior - I am also a Perrinn member and Onshape user. Is there anything I can do to help? Some of the geometry in Onshape is an import, so I think the best way to fix mesh errors is to mend the geometry in Onshape, prior to bringing it into Simscale.

FWIW, I also received the original parasolid/step import from Nicolas back in 2014 (the original model was created in Unigraphics/NX), so we can use those for reference as well, if new geometry needs to be created in Onshape.



Hi @fastwayjim,

we already solved this problem some time ago in OnShape. I just did not mark it as a solved one. Sorry for this.



Great to hear. Is it possible to share the solution, in case somebody else encounters a similar challenge?