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Problems to create a Mesh

I have some problems to create a mesh for a CHT Simulation.

Here is the project-link:

In this Project i want to do a CHT simulation of air cooled connectors of an accumulator.
The CAD model is a STEP file.
I tried to create a hex dominant parametric Mesh with two mesh refinements, one for the fluid region and one for the solids.
The problem is now that if i start the mesh creator i see no progress and the process is canceld with an error after some time.
What can i do to get a mesh? Is there a problem with my configurations or is there a problem with the CAD model?

Thanks in advanve

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Hi @dnaumann!

Your issue seems a bit more complicated and requires more investigation. I am currently looking into it and I will get back to you with more details as soon as possible. This might take a bit though.

Cheers and all the best!


Hi @jousefm

Thanks for the Help.
I tried to create a new mesh with one more refinement zone and it worked!
I saw that some part of the connectors are very small and so i added a new refinement.
Could this be the issue?

Hi @dnaumann!

Great to hear that! And apparently your refinement changed the issue (they often do so) :wink:

Let me know how things go and feel free to create nice post-processing pictures!

Happy SimScaling!