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Problems setting up a CFD simulation


in this project:

I wanted to analyze the pressure drop thru this connector box and
so i created a CFD simulation. When i start the simulation run this error occures: Fatal IO error.
What can i do to make the simulation work?


Hi @dnaumann!

Will have a look at your project and come back to you as soon as I have found a solution to that issue.

Cheers and all the best!



Hi @jousefm!

In this Project i tried first a CHT simulation with some more solids. There i had some issues too. So i uploaded a new CAD model with only one solid and tried run a CFD simulation.

Cheers and all the best!



Now i tried a new configuration with changed numerics and the simulation runs worked just fine.

I also got the pressure drop thru the cooling “duct” in relation to the volume flow:

Cheers and all the best!



Awesome @dnaumann! Happy that it worked!

Do the results match your expectations?

All the best!



yes the results matched my expectations, i needed the pressure drop to select a matching fan.




@dnaumann - post-processing looks good!