Problem with the geometry scaling

Hi. It seems that there is something wring with the geometry scaling utility. I have uploaded an IGES CAD file ( but there is no reaction on clicking the “Start” button under the “Geometry Operation” module!

@roozbehmousavi, I’ve copied the project and this does seem to be the case with the scaling operation. I’ll report an issue. What is also odd is the units: when I download your geometry and then export it from Onshape the bounding box is 9.15 m rather that 9150 m.

Hi, I have the same issue my model is 200m long, I want to scale it down to 20 and if I press the buttons nothing happens.
Do you know already how to fix it?

Hey @roozbehmousavi @pbrandes!

Currently there is a problem in scaling operation. Our development team has been informed and they are trying to fix it as soon as possible. Once it’s fixed, I will let you know.

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Hey @pbrandes @roozbehmousavi!

The scaling problem has been fixed. You can now use it :smile:

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  • Ahmed
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HI @ahmedhussain18, Great, Thanks a lot!

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