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Problem with Surface Mesh Generation

So I’m using Fusion 360 for students. Unfortunately, I can only work on a mac so I don’t have the option to import to simscale via Fusion 360 unlike as offered in Windows so I exported my Fusion 360 design as .step then uploaded it here. The object is a bottle with a lid and I’m trying to generate a mesh but it says it had a problem with the lid. The event log is shown below. Project link:

Help is greatly appreciated.


Hi @jchong3!

I am having a look at this and let you know if there is a quick workaround for this.

Edit: I assume that the thin faces you have used in your model are causing the meshing issue. Is there a way for you that you can simplify the thread?



Hi @jchong3!

I have tested different meshing setups and I assume that the problem caused lies in the very small angle in your threads which fail to be meshed. If there is an option for you to re-model them then please do so. For additional hints I am tagging @ggiraldo and @rszoeke.



I’ll try this out, thanks!