Problem with post processing

This shows that my simulation is finished but it took only 20 minutes. It should last at least 290 minutes.
This is why my chart shows only 2 seconds instead of the needed 3000 seconds. My question is what causes this failure of a simulation and how do i fix it.

Hi there, thank you for using the forum! Can you also include a link to your project please, so I can check?

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The problem here is the residual control definition under Numerics. These values must have been changed by you, since the default settings are very different:

The absolute tolerance for the residual controls acts as a stopping criteria for the simulation. When the residuals from all these parameters drop below the defined values, the simulation is stopped. The default values are 1e-6, if I recall correctly.

With values of 0.9, the simulation achieves the stopping criteria after 2 iterations and stops. In short, I would recommend refreshing the numerics to default (there is a reset button right here):


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