Problem with generating mesh

Hello, ive been having issues with generating the mesh for my model. My model is a round building with 9 windows, there aren’t any small details or anything like that. Its a very large building model and i was wondering whether i would even NEED to generate mesh? I kept receiving the error that machine is out of memory, so i decreased the fineness and changed around some things like the max runtime of the mesh and now i get another error regarding the small feature suppression.

I want to run a simulation for CHT V2.0 and my model is suitable for it.

1.Is it necessary to generate mesh for simulation of a large model which has no gaps and is very simple?
2. if i must generate mesh before simulation, please tell me how to fix the errors or what to do to make a mesh complete and not fail.

Hello @rtaheri , I hope you’re doing well.

I’m checking your model, although I could not found anything clear to be causing this issue yet. I will get back as soon as I receive more findings.

Thanks, Kaan

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Hi, I hope you are doing well too and thank you so much for all your help :blush:

Hello again @rtaheri !

I think the main problem is these very tiny faces between the windows and the main body. In order to resolve this issue, I recommend the following in the CAD mode.

  • Please first remove all the operations that you performed that are Simplify and Union,
  • Delete all window bodies by using Body/Delete operation,
  • Select all the inner faces that were in contact with window, (you can use expand selection - same area option to select all of them at once)
  • Use move command with at least a thickness of 5e-4 meters so that there won’t be small faces between windows and the main body now,

  • There is no need to unite these bodies now, since they are already moved/extended from the main body,
  • Save your geometry as a new copy,
  • Then the meshing should be successful :slight_smile:

You can access an example project in the following link to check the CAD Mode operations, and to have a look at the mesh.

Best wishes, Kaan