Problem with defining internal flow volume

Hi. I’m having trouble at defining the internal flow volume of my Venturi tunnel. I’ve created a Venturi tunnel 3D model and wanted to see how air would flow through it. Thus, I think creating and internal flow volume is the way to go. Unfortunately, when I try to create an internal flow region I get this error massage: Seed face and Boundary faces define an infinite flow volume. Please check if you selected all openings of the flow (inlets/outlets) with Boundary faces and make sure there are no gaps between the bodies enclosing the flow region.
I think the Boundary faces are right (the tunnel has just 2 openings) and I believe the 3D model is correct as well (at least I can’t think/see any gaps). Could someone have a look at this? A massive thank you to everyone replying.

link of the project:

Hi there! Would it be possible that you export your model as STEP and retry?

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Sorry my bad there was actually a hidden and very tiny fissure in the 3D model

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