Problem with crash Analysis

Hello everyone,
While performing the crash analysis, the impact is happening at an angle instead of the direct head on collision.

Dynamic- Run 38
Can somebody help me out here?


I had a look at the results, and the main problem is the write control definition:

With this setting, the algorithm is only writing every 1000th timestep of the simulation. Since your simulation was much shorter than that, it only wrote the initial (t = 0 s) and the final (t = 0.05 s) states.

Since the contact occurs in roughly 0.0056 seconds, you are not seeing any results from the actual contact. You are only seeing the initial state of the system, and the time when the structure bounced back.

I’d recommend changing the write control settings to ensure that you can see the impact happening. For example, this configuration would write results every 0.0025 seconds (20 result sets in total):


I’m trying to simulate the crash analysis but its taking too long to complete the analysis, Can u guys help out
Run 59