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Problem - thin plate analysis


Hello, I am new to Simscale. I pooglądałem all the materials and I thought that I already know how to use the program.
I have worked with many programs and more I understand the method.
I did a simple example - loaded pressure plate on the surface. I did a lot of tests and different settings but still gets some strange results.
I suspect that the more I was wrong :slight_smile: - please help.
The results should be smoother and should not have any peaks - this is my opinion. - Here it looks better - It looks very strange.


Hello @gkondracki,
the results that you are getting are a result of the coarse mesh (on element through thickness) in combination with the first order elements (constant stress per element) that you are using.

A second order mesh should result in a better stress distribution. To get accurate results you would however need at least two second order elements through the thickness of your plate.



Adding to what @rszoeke said, use the Tetrahedral parametric with Minimal mesh edge length [m] and Maximum mesh edge length [m] of 0.003 since thickness of your plate is 0.006. This will make at least two elements over the thickness. Please note that this will create a bigger mesh in case of second order. Therefore you may need probably 8 cores for mesh and simulation.

I hope this helps. If you have any question/s, feel free to ask.



For me it makes the mesh of 309075 nodes using minimal and maximum mesh edge length of 0.003, second order with moderate refinement. This will be doable using 8 cores for simulation. You can try and let us know if you are now getting the desired results :wink:



Thank you very much for help.
I did as suggested and actually results look very good.
I’m from the old school - once a lot of elements that was a big problem :slight_smile:
Now it went quickly and smoothly.
Thanks again for your help.
Greg (Grzegorz)


Hey Greg!

Glad that now results look good! :slight_smile: If you want to know why second order mesh is better in most of the cases, please have a look at this forum post: When should I use a second order mesh?



Hi Ahmed!
I thank you very much for your help and explain the types of elements. I’d rather be using a second order - I used to be problems with the first - big mistakes and client denied the results.


Hey Greg!

Glad to help you! :slight_smile: I hope that your client will be satisfied now with second order mesh results :wink: