Problem of Non-Orthogonality

I am performing a simulation for an ahmed body. I read the documentation for it which is provided by the support team. I am trying to do a simple mesh around it without local refinement or anything, but only the inflated boundary layer. I used a y+ value of 1 and used the feature of first layer thickness, with total layers kept as 20. After a running a mesh, I got a problem of max. non orthogonality. I read the documentation provided and also read the document related to the correcting factors, and tried implementing them as well, but it didn’t work. Please help me with this problem. Thank-you!

Hello @mn21pbs , and thanks for reaching out to us!

Could you please provide us with more information about your refinement such as: what is the thickness of first layer, what is the growth rate, etc. Or you can share a URL of your project here so that we can have a look.

Thanks, Kaan

Hi Kaan,
I have shared the project with the support, but I cant share the project publicly because of University guidelines. I have specified the first cell distance as 0.0000137m and my overall thickness as 0.4m with 10 layers.

That’s alright! I can only see one mesh with automatic boundary layer settings though.

That’s because I am trying different ways to get rid of non orthogonality. :slight_smile:

It could be that the gap between the body and the ground is not sufficient enough to place specified number of layers. Maybe you can try applying a different overall boundary layer thickness to surfaces that are near the ground.

I say we should stick to the hex-dominant for sure.

The hex dominant worked well. I will try this for my different project and see how it goes. Thanx!

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