Problem during importation of file

Hello, I am a student contributing to the F1 in schools competition.

Earlier before, I have encountered a problem where the external flow volume didn’t cover the whole car. I have found the issue, which is to solidify and unite my model.

However, when I attempt to import it into the simulation, it becomes stuck on “Cleaning.”
After many hours, it stopped and told me to try again. Not really sure what to do.

Thank you, and any advice would be extremely helpful.

Hi there,
Thank you for posting on the forum! This is Bhagyashree :slight_smile:
Could you share your project link? I can then take a look

Thank you Bhagyashree,
Here is the project link:

Hi @jviernes,

Thanks for posting your question. I have successfully imported your CAD file, so you can find it here, but please be aware that there are some faults to be fixed, so you can click on every fault to find it out, and then fix it using your favorite CAD software.

I appreciate your help thank you so much :smiling_face: