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Problem Downloading Results to my Mac

I want to post process my results (still in the learning phase) locally on my Mac using ParaView.

If I start a download, a zip file (“of unknown size”) will be downloaded.
After finishing the download of an e.g. 1,9 Gb zip file, my Mac automatically starts to unzip the file.
The result is a folder “0_”. In this folder there is a OpenFOAM volVectorField named “U” with the size of e.g. 270 Mb. Im missing the rest of my download.

It seems, something went wrong during unzipping the result file.
Im using the Latest MacOS 10.14.3.

Regards, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

please use BetterZip, that should work! :slight_smile:



This solves the problem:

  • Disable automatic unzipping by Safari:
    Go to Safari - General and disable “Open safe files after downloading.”
  • Download and install a suitable Zip program e.g. iZip V3.5
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Thanks for the tip Thomas! :slight_smile: