Pressure Visuals in Solution Fields Post-Processing is Stuck in One Color

Link to the Project: SimScale

Description of the project: Doing external aerodynamics simulation of a Supra Mark 5 model. Compare the results between the absence and addition of a CAD-modelled rear wing.

What is going wrong: Pressure doesn’t seem to be visualizing or even solving properly on this wing. I used inspect point and it showed negative pressure all around the wing when it should’ve only been negative on the bottom of the wing.

I had a successful simulation run with a similar model earlier, but this time it doesn’t work, even though I replicated the settings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Rhein, and thanks for using the forum!

I think that you should fix your Inlet boundary condition, as right now it specifies a Z velocity in the positive direction, but the flow region is located in the negative Z direction from the inlet face. Just flip the Z value of the velocity to be a negative number.

Amazing, your tip worked! Thank you so much!

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