Pressure drop is off by a consistent amount

I’m making my model of a shell and tube heat exchanger, and the goal is to validate against some external experiments (That I myself did not perform). The model is here:

I am getting great values for the temperature drop and increase, but the pressure drop for both the shell and the tube side is off by a similar amount for all my simulations, and it consistently overestimates by about a factor 2 compared to my validation values. I am viewing the results in paraview, and I’m guessing that the consistent pressure drop error is due to the way I’m extracting the values. I’m new to both these programs, so any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Hey @MalcolmAkner,

I dont have much experience with heat transfer simulations but i know that @DaleKramer is a wizard with Paraview. Maybe he has some tips for you.


Thank you, will definitely contact him!