Pressure Conditions on non-end point Geometries

Hi all,

I am running an incompressible flow simulation of a pipe/sewage model. There is a tide-gate before the outfall that I wish to apply a pressure condition to the end of the tide-gate rather than the outfall. Is this possible to do? Or would I have to change the geometry so that the geometry actually cuts off immediately after the tide-gate chamber? Thank you for your time.

Here is a link to my project (SimScale).


Boomi Environmental

Hey there!

What BC were you thinking of? You could theoretically stop at the tidegate as your outlet condition but I believe that would not be as you would like to have it. Are you interested in quantities directly at the tidegate?



I was thinking of setting some sort of pressure condition at the face just downstream of the tide gate but since that is not an outlet and not the end of the geometry I cannot select it as a face to place a pressure boundary condition.

The big picture idea is to not allow water past the tide-gate unless there is enough water in the tide-gate accumulated to spill over into the outfall. This condition would be set by that ~2000 Pascals at the tide-gate. Perhaps a change in the geometry to create a weir system that only allows flow past a certain height would be an equivalent, but I want to avoid changing the geometry.