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Preserve Topological Entity Sets in Paraview



I am currently simulating flow around a complex geometry that is described by many faces when meshing.
When I download the simulation results for local post-processing, the topological entity sets are not preserved in paraview, and it becomes very tedious to do something such as measure drag when I have to click on upwards of 200 faces.
Is there some way to have topological entity sets appear in Paraview?



Hi @andizam!

Let me tag my colleagues Darren (@1318980) & Barry (@Get_Barried) here who might help you out here.




Hi @andizam,

I believe topological entity sets that are set on SimScale are not translatable to ParaView. (@1318980 can you confirm this?). With that being said I can foresee two ways to work around the issue.

The first is using the results control tab in the simulation tab to obtain results in the post-processing tab on SimScale for the already set topological entity sets. This would likely be the best method as it is simple but if you require to obtain data that is not available as part of the result control then you will need to extrapolate from whatever data is available which may be tedious.

The second solution is more complicated and not as clear. ParaView is very powerful and utilizing it requires the understanding, usage and creation of scripts to process large amounts of complex data. If you have time you can look through the script implementation methods for ParaView and devise a script to select all the faces you want to then perform the post-processing. You will need to know python however and think about how best to do this. Hence it is not a simple task and if you’re short on time, this would not be an ideal solution.




Hi @Get_Barried @andizam, Barry is correct there is no way to carry across entity sets from simscale to the local post processor or online processor. It might be feasible to do this between simscale and its online post-processor, so please add a vote for feature request on this. That said, certainly for drag, using a result control on the entity set pre-simulation is the best solution as Barry mentioned.

Otherwise, if I really need to select certain faces in local post processor, I add the faces to a dummy boundary condition, write the numbers down and when importing to paraview local, deselect the internal mesh and select just the faces listed in the dummy selection, this can be arduous if there are many faces but is the only solution, writing a script for it I would imagine being just as arduous except once the listed faces are known then you wouldn’t have to find the faces in the list manually.

And if you do create a script, please share it, kudos will be earnt :smiley:

All the best,