Power law consistency index value? Conversion?

I’m need to make sure that I’m inputting the correct value in the power law consistency index value field. I have these values for my materials but they are in SI units of Pa s^n and I’m unsure whether these values can be converted into the m^2/s. I would greatly appreciate any info related to this conversion.
Thanks for your help.


the unit of the dynamic viscosity is Pa \bullet s. The unit of the kinematic viscosity is \frac{m^2}{s}.

The coefficient connecting both is the density \rho.

\rightarrow \eta = \nu \bullet \rho or in units

\rightarrow [\eta] = \frac{N \bullet s}{m^2} = \frac{kg}{m\bullet s} = 1Pa \bullet s

Is that what you were looking for?