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Post Processor Legend Scale & Control


New to Simscale, new to CFD, but an old hand with CAD and FEA.

In the post-processor, I regularly adjust the custom legend of the color plot to emphasize the values I need. I notice that when I set the Min and Max values, Simscale comes up with random intervals on the legend on its own. Often, these intervals aren’t regularly space, nor obvious. Would it be easy to add an “intervals” field in between the Min/Max values, to allow the user to choose “6” intervals between “1” and “13” instead of the 5 intervals that Simscale seems to have come up with. In the screen-capture (hopefully) attached, they aren’t even equally spaced.

Can I modify the legend in SimScale?

Thanks a ton for your time to give us some valuable feedback @Sparweb ! I will forward this to our engineers and tag my colleague @rszoeke here as well who might add some additional comments to your post.

All the best!