Can anyone identify why I have this block of zero velocity as circled. I also have the model included and where the plane is intersecting it.

Hello again,

We encourage users to post the URL of their project, otherwise it’s difficult for us to help. Could you please double check the guidelines for asking help with a project? Thanks.


Hi Ricardopg,

I work between Simscale and Fluent. Currently using fluent so I didnt have the URL. I understand I probably shouldnt be asking it in the Simscale forum but just thought I would ask to see if anyone had any suggestions.

Hi @pamelatreacy11!

We only support and answer questions related to the SimScale platform. What you could do though is a study on the difference in drag for example between Fluent and SimScale where we could guide you through the steps involved in a simulation (but as said on our platform).

Let us know how you’d like to proceed :slight_smile:


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