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Post Processing with the new post processor


Hi all,
I am currently trying to do a CFD analysis for a fairly large yet symmetric object and thus thought it would be better to simulate only half of it,
I have created a CAD containing the first half and then created the bounding box accordingly on SimScale and applied symmetry boundary condition to the wall. After setting up the simulation and running it I dove into the post processor.How do I now see the other half in the new post processor as there seems to be no options for filter. I also tried using the full CAD and creating a bounding box on only 1 half, however SimScale doesn’t let me do that.
Any solutions to this, or will I have to use the entire CAD and mesh for the entire region?


Hi @rishic999!

I would recommend mirroring (reflect) the geometry offline using Paraview. I am not sure what you want to simulate but please note that using symmetry with flow around an object is not always the best choice though, one example would be the von Karman vortex street :slight_smile:




Simulating a sounding rocket,with no angle of attack as a primary result.
Thanks for the swift response!