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Post-Processing with Paraview/Hydraulic balancing



after a CFD Simulation i want to do a hydraulic balancing of my geometry because some regions are not flowed trough. With Paraview this is a little bit complicated, because there isn’t an function like area integral as in Ansys CFD Post. I think i have to do it manually. My problem is that i cant choose the necessary surfaces/planes to calculate the single volume flows.

I hope someone has a solution.



Hi @ezluhcs!

Can you just let us know what prevents you from picking the surface? Did you already perform a split operation on your CAD?

Also make sure to share some visualizations so that we get an understanding of what you want to achieve.




I thought area integration is quite common in ParaView (I even do it to determine the surface area of a geometry using Extract Surface and CellSize filters), are you sure?


This is the geometry. I want to do the hydraulic balancing in the single channels from the upper to the lower plane.



I want to choose different areas from my main geometry. Then i want to calculate the volume flow through these areas. The main problem is that i cant choose these areas. At the end i want six volume flows from the top to the bottom for the hydraulic balancing.