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Post Processing Animation of Solution Fields

Hello! I have a question that I believe has a simple answer that I am just missing. My project (static solid mechanical analysis) is crushing a core between two rigid plates using a prescribed displacement and measuring the reaction force. It is doing exactly what I want it to do in terms of running and exporting the area calculation of the reaction force, but the post processing environment is not showing an animation of the solution fields over time. Perhaps I am missing something simple, but thank you in advance for helping me figure this out!

Hi @dawsonsthomas,
you’re right thats actually somehow hidden in the current UX - we are working on improving it!
You basically have to select in addition to the field you want to show (under SCL - “scalar”) also the DIS - “displacement” filed which is used to deform the mesh.

You can check this video to see how it can be done: