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Possible bug in conjugate heat transfer

When I run a steadystate conjugate heat transfer simulation and go to post processing, it shows me the results at a time of 0 seconds and the only way for me to see the simulation result is by setting up an animation on the final time interval. This isn’t really a big issue and I guess you are probably already be aware of this but I’m mentioning it anyway.

Hi again @roy_g!

Checking this and getting back to you as soon as possible, thanks a lot!


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Hi @jousefm

Just to update you, this is not a bug. Do you remember a few days ago I asked about the possibility of changing animation speed and stopping/moving through frames and it turned out I had some buttons missing and you explained how to get them back. Well this provided a solution to the above problem as it means I can scroll through the frames.

Thanks a lot for the update Roy, makes sense :slight_smile:

We’ll close this topic then, feel free to open a new one once you have further product feedbacks.