Polyhedral Mesh for CFD


Hello SimScale Staff,

for cfd calculations with medium to high turbulence flow a polyhedral mesh would reduce cpu time and costs.

A nice comparison of hexahedral-, polyhedral- and tetrahedral mesh was created by Symscape.
Polyhedral, Tetrahedral, and Hexahedral Mesh Comparison

In OpenFOAM a tool named polyDualMesh is integrated. It converts a tetrahedral- into a polyhedral mesh.
At OpenFOAMWiki i found an article about the workflow
Polyhedral mesh generation

I think it would be a nice feature for more experienced cfd user and every case with complicated domain would benefit from shorter cpu time.
Last but not least the tool is integrated in OpenFOAM.

Best regards


Thanks a lot for your feedback and nice description @mjosic !