Plotting Wall Shear Stress

This project is simulating a very slow flow through a micro-fludic channel. I am mainly interested in understanding the wall shear stresses at different points in the channel. I would like to have a plot of wall shear stress vs length but I am unsure how to achieve this. I have made cutting planes at different cross sections and i see the desired behavior but it isn’t exactly what I need.

for example I need a graph of how WSS varies across this channel to see the variations.

Thank you for posting on the forum!
Can you please share your workbench link?
In the meantime, since you have already added shear stress as a result control item, then as an output, you can obtain wall shear stress components in the x, y, and z-directions. Furthermore, the resultant vector for wall shear stress is also available.

However I am not certain if you can plot wall shear stress vs length. Did you know you can also download the results offline to view in a 3rd party post-processing app?

Perhaps that can be helpful

Thank you for your reply. I know how to get the WSS components from the cutting plane and probe etc but was struggling to plot it in any way. I also downloaded the data and exported it into paraview but was struggling there also to get any meaningful result, was a bit complex for me. I am not sure how to share my workbench but my project is public and shared- “Lab on chip”