Please help me with an air flow through tube simulation


Hi all,

I am tryng to simulate an air flow through a tube:


The project name is iiii9o, when I try to simulate it always says ERROR max number of iterations exceeded. I have tried with all the solvers and variuos numerical parameters.

I don’t know what to do, can someone help me?

Thank you.


Hi @dzeka,

Do post you project link here so other can see it and help you!

For starters, try setting your write interval under details below write control to adjustable run time and a value of 0.1. Also do increase your maximum run time to about 10,000 and no of computing cores to 16.

Do reset your numerics to default values as the problem likely likes with the simulation control rather than the actual numerics.

Let me know how it goes!




Thank you very much for your insights!!

I will try your points, i link here the project

Thanks, Cheers!


Hi Barry,

I tried what you said but it still gets to maximum iterations…


Hi @dzeka,

I think I know the issue but lets get one thing fixed first. Your geometry you’re trying to simulate now is over 2km long. You need to re-scale it properly to the dimensions you have stated in the first post. Afterwards re-mesh it and let it run.

We’ll work from there.




wow you are right damn,

thank you, what else is wrong?



Hi @dzeka,

So far I didn’t identify and glaring problems with you setup. There could be improvements to the mesh but we’ll try to get it running first before we work towards accuracy.